AlgoTrader 4.5 has been released, the latest version of our powerful algorithmic trading solution addresses the evolving needs of the market.

We’re pleased to announce the release of AlgoTrader 4.5, which further solidifies AlgoTrader as the leader in the quant modelling and trading space. We listened to our clients and monitored industry trends to ensure that the latest version of our powerful algorithmic trading solution addresses the evolving needs of the market.

We’ve also revamped our website with improved navigation and a more appealing design.

AlgoTrader 4.5 comes packed with innovative new features to help take your quantitative trading to the next level. This is a quick summary of our key enhancements and additions.

Direct Cryptocurrency Exchange Adapters
In response to client demand, we’ve added full support for the following top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges, including market data, reference data, order management for all order types, and automatic deposit and withdrawal of funds:
Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2012 and operated by IFinex Inc. Based in Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands, Bitfinex is a Bitcoin to fiat exchange, a margin trading exchange, and a liquidity provider.
Bitstamp is a Luxembourg/UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, which was founded in 2011 as a European alternative to the then-dominant Mt. Gox exchange. Bitstamp is the first major bitcoin exchange to incorporate industry-leading security practices. Bitstamp supports both crypto and fiat trading.
Based in Taiwan and Japan, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance can process 1.4 million orders per second, and offers crypto-to-crypto trading for all major coins and tokens.
Bitflyer is a Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange. It stores Bitcoin using next-generation encryption by DigiCert, and allows users to send and receive Bitcoin in just one second. Bitflyer offers exchange and margin trading.
BitMEX is an international cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2014 by HDR Global Trading Ltd. BitMEX supports futures, perpetual swaps, and margin-based trading, as well as a wide range of indices.
AlgoTrader provides the following features for each of the above cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Automatic reference data download
  • Live market data
  • Support for all accepted order types including market, limit and stop, and stop limit orders
  • Automatic connection gap detection for exchange interfaces
  • Automatic reconnection for exchange interfaces
  • Automatic balance query
  • Automatic coin withdrawal

With direct cryptocurrency exchange adapters, AlgoTrader clients enjoy fast and free access to market data without having to subscribe to third party intermediaries that add latency and expense to cryptocurrency trading.

However, since clients may also wish to access data from exchanges that AlgoTrader does not yet support natively, we have also added full support for CoinAPI, a platform that provides a fast, reliable, unified interface to real-time and historical market data from a broader range of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Automatic Historical Data Download For Cryptocurrencies

To accelerate and streamline your back-testing, AlgoTrader clients can now automatically download cryptocurrency data directly into AlgoTrader from CoinAPI and CoinMarketCap. Instant historical data may be downloaded from these sources, meaning AlgoTrader clients don’t need to maintain their own history of cryptocurrency market data.

Additional Built-In Execution Algos

In addition to the previously existing execution algos, a new TWAP and VWAP algo based on our proprietary adaptive pricing logic is now included with the platform. These algos are usable with both traditional instrument types and cryptocurrencies. Our proprietary adaptive pricing logic improves execution quality while minimizing slippage and market impact. The AlgoTrader UI now displays the properties of all execution algos.

Faster And More Powerful User Interface

The AlgoTrader UI has been migrated to ag-grid, a more user-friendly table widget. An update throttling feature has was been introduced to increase the number of updates the UI can process.

The AlgoTrader TradingView chart can now display historical data from your preferred source (e.g. Interactive Brokers, Bloomberg or CoinAPI).

We’ve also improved the security search experience and implemented CSV export functionality for all AlgoTrader UI tables.

Additional New Adapters

We’ve added the following new adapters in addition to the direct cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • SocGen– a leading financial services group in Europe
  • PrimeXM– connects to hundreds of liquidity providers globally

For the full list see our broker and market data adapters.

Additional Features

AlgoTrader now includes the following new features:

  • Currency code mappings to cater for the different symbols used by each exchange
  • Our REST API interface is now documented using Swagger
  • Fees can now be configured as a percentage of the traded amount

For more information and a complete list of features, please view the Release Notes.

Website Redesign has been redesigned with a contemporary new look, feel and navigation. New and returning users will find the same comprehensive documentation and information about AlgoTrader’s features and benefits, but with greatly enhanced visuals and functionality. We welcome your feedback.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive algorithmic trading platform on the market, so AlgoTrader 4.5 is packed with a host of new features, making it the only solution you need to successfully trade automated strategies for all asset classes. To find out more about how AlgoTrader 4.5 can help you improve your quantitative trading, visit the new and improved or sign up for your FREE 30-day free trial today!

Please enjoy all the new features in AlgoTrader 4.5, and let us know if you have any questions.

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