Algotrader Among the Top Two Fintech Scale-Ups in Switzerland

The annual TOP 100 Startup awards took place on the 9th of September 2020 and AlgoTrader is once again proud to be amongst the companies who have been awarded.

“It is an honour to be awarded as one of the most promising scale-ups in Switzerland and is an incredible acknowledgement of the immense hard work the whole team has put into AlgoTrader over the past few years” said Andy Flury, CEO & Founder AlgoTrader.

As start-ups cannot appear in the TOP 100 for more than five years after their incorporation, they therefore disappear from the TOP 100 Swiss start-up ranking. So that these companies can continue to be awarded for their continued growth, success and potential, the new TOP 25 scale up ranking and awards was set up.

AlgoTrader has been selected as one of the most promising scale-up companies together with other esteemed and well-established startup companies such as On, Ava or BestSmile. However, this is not the only award that AlgoTrader has received in 2020. It has also been recognized as one of the TOP 100 WealthTech companies in 2020 and in addition to the successful financing round in early 2020, AlgoTrader launched its disruptive and innovative solution, WIRESWARM to meet with the needs of Banks to be able to offer their institutional clients best-execution in the Crypto and Digital Asset space across multiple exchanges and liquidity venues.

As the number of cryptocurrency exchanges expands and liquidity therefore becomes increasingly fragmented, institutional-grade trading and execution technology is required more than ever. Research indicates that only 30% of cryptocurrency trading is conducted through exchanges, with the remaining 70% being traded through brokers, over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks and market makers. This fragmented market structure poses a number of challenges to institutions that require reliable connectivity to a comprehensive set of trading and execution venues.

WIRESWARM is a digital asset and cryptocurrency trading and execution platform. It allows financial institutions to maintain a single “always-on” connection with all major digital asset liquidity providers such as exchanges, brokers, OTC desks and market makers. Using WIRESWARM, a financial institution can choose the optimal counterparties with which to place orders, thereby ensuring best-execution for its clients.

AlgoTrader has been successfully providing quantitative Algorithmic trading, order management and execution platforms to Financial Services firms since 2014 covering both traditional Asset classes as well as Crypto and Digital Asset classes. Using the proven core technology that underpins AlgoTrader, WIRESWARM is a unique solution solving the pain point for banks who require order management, execution and connectivity technology to provide them with that seamless, secure and efficient access to best price execution for their Clients.


About AlgoTrader

Swiss-based Fintech company AlgoTrader AG provides institutional-grade quantitative trading and execution solutions for both traditional and crypto finance. AlgoTrader is headquartered in Zurich and has offices in New York and Singapore. Over the last few months, AlgoTrader has obtained multiple awards and recognition, such as being

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