Javesh Govindarajan

Venture Partners

Palo Alto

Mr. Jayesh Govindarajan is the VP of Data Science at Salesforce. Mr. Govindarajan joined Salesforce through the acquisition of MinHash where he was one of the founders. Both at Salesforce and MinHash, he dealt mainly with machine learning and AI products and technology.

Prior to that he served as Vice President, Enterprise Collaboration Platforms at Avaya from 2009 to March 2014. Mr. Govindarajan served as Senior Director of Engineering at Skyrider from July 2006 to November 2008. Prior to that, Mr. Govindarajan helt leading engineering positions at Oracle, Praja (now TIBCO) and Ariba.

He holds a MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Bombay in 1997.